2. My college essays actually really sucked… I’m so thankful I got in to my top school


  3. 2013 REFLECTIONS!!

    January: belly piercing, variety show, still talking to casey -__-, beach, snuck out for the first time to go to natasha’s birthday party. chris picked me up. nothing new really, still working at la palme d’or

    February: CAMP CAMP CAMP! best experience ever. carnival, variety show. back to work at la palme d’or

    March: Big island trip SO MUCH FUN! kelley begins to change, function (made out with brian), took out belly ring, quit la palme d’or (WAH), GOT ACCEPTED INTO OXY! 

    April: PROM PROM PROM, SOJA, KAMEHAMEHA PROM, this month was a lot of fun!! weight was around 122 before prom! soja <— ate whole edible brownie. WOAH

    May: last month of high school :( senior singing practice, baccalaureate, vickies party, made out with yang almost had sex with him. hung out with brian a lot, smoked more weed than i have ever before.. gained some weight. averaging 126? 

    June: GRADUATION!! aunty liz here and aris, a few rocky patches. JOINED WORLD GYM. grad parties all the time, no summer job :( babysat for audrey! macklemore concert with sandra, partied with sijing for the first time, tragus piercing

    July: TAIWAN! WITH KELLEY ehh rocky patch with her, more grad parties, hung out with brian, still kinda friends, 4th of july with kelley and chase and them! 

    August: GETTING READY FOR COLLEGE! find out dad has dementia, honestly the worth month EVER. fight with kelley about priorities etc. hung out with brian and casey. off to oxy! orientation week, SOO stressful, felt so out of place.

    September: college is getting better! USC party for my birthday with sonja and louisa, very thankful we get along <3 septemberween, met chad! rugby party, met dave. bus adventures to beverly hills, glow, made out with austin in my music class, get first college sickness

    October: college blah blah boring, fall break! RUGBY! run into chad again, become semi-friends, TOGA!! oxy dances banned :( 

    November: THANKSGIVING BREAK, hung out with vickie :) , boring college stuff, chance the rapper, rugby, lily’s birthday, hollywood!!! 

    December: college boring stuff, finals, GOING HOME!! weight is around 124. maintained it/lost some in college but i’m feeling oka y about myself… 


  4. Everything is going wrong and there’s absolutely nothing I can do.


  6. daddy please get better. i know you’re confused, i know it’s frustrating for you but please please get better. i love you so much and want you to be there for the rest of my life

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  10. Omg. Fuck you Kelley. I’m so done trying to be your best friend. You’ve changed so much this past year and I hate it. I hate who you’ve become. I thought I was your best friend. From giving up my night at prom, to driving you around all the time because taht’s what it takes to hang out with you, to putting up with your gossip that you say behind my back, i’ve done everything i can to sacrifice what I do for you. I don’t want to do this anymore. Especially when you do none of that for me. i HATE zach. nothing will change that. even when i laugh at his jokes, talk to him, i hate him. I do it for you. I do it because i know that you would choose him over me any day. i don’t want to do this anymore, pretend to be okay with who you are and what you’re doing now. remember that i was the one there for you from the beginning, but it’s your turn to put in a little effort.